Andhra Yuvathi Mandali Function Hall

बॅन्क्वेट हॉल

1 अंतर्गत जागा 1000 लोक

+91 40 2756 0548

3-4-759/4, Barkatpura Road, Chitrapuri Colony, Barkatpura, Kachiguda, Hyderabad
Barkatpura PF Office, opposite Taruni Supermarket
+91 40 2756 0548
+91 99492 92894
+91 89780 55743
+91 40 2755 0036
बॅन्क्वेट हॉल
यासमान स्थळे
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Andhra Yuvathi Mandali Function Hall - हैदराबाद मधील ठिकाण

ठिकाणाचा प्रकार बॅन्क्वेट हॉल
ठिकाण शहरामध्ये
बाहेरील केटरिंग आणण्यास परवानगी होय
पार्किंग 50 कार्ससाठी खाजगी पार्किंग
मद्यपान सेवा नाही
स्वत: ची मद्य पेये आणण्यास परवानगी होय
सजावटीचे नियम अंतर्गत सजावटीस परवानगी आहे, बाह्य सजावटीस परवानगी आहे, स्वत: चे सजावटकार आणण्यास परवानगी, केवळ मान्यताप्राप्त सजावटकार वापरता येऊ शकतात, ठिकाण अतिरिक्त शुल्कासह सजावट पुरविते
अतिरिक्त शुल्कासह सेवा फोटोग्राफर, व्हिडिओग्राफर, केक, डीजे, फटाके, लाइव्ह संगीत
स्वत: चे विक्रेते आणण्यास परवानगी फोटोग्राफर, व्हिडिओग्राफर, केक, फटाके
नवपरिणीतांसाठी रूम नाही
पेमेंट पद्धती रोकड, बँक ट्रान्सफर
विशेष वैशिष्ठ्ये स्वागत भाग, स्टेज, प्रोजेक्टर, बाथरूम

Andhra Yuvati Mandali Function Hall in Hyderabad hosts a number of social functions such as birthdays, marriages, engagements, naming ceremonies and other social events from time to time. The venue offers a hall area with a separate dining area that can comfortably fit up to 750 to 1000 guests at an event.

- The venue is located near Barkatpura PF Office, opposite Taruni Supermarket.

- The venue offers a rental for the whole space at Rs.40,000 for 12 hours.

- Catering is for separate charges in the venue. Venue can refer some of the caterers in contact or one can bring their own choice of catering from outside.

- For decoration, one has to pay separately. venue provides lighting, tent, seating furniture from their vendor only. Outside vendors are allowed only for flower decoration in the venue. Charges will varying as per your choice of theme and event type.

- Venue also provides 1 complimentary room in the rental package.

- Outside liquor is allowed in the venue, only with licence permit.

- This venue charges 100% amount in advance on booking confirmations.

- No cancellation and return policy, amount can be adjusted for any future date available within the next months.

- GST charges are applicable.

अधिक वाचा

प्रकार अंतर्गत जागा

कमाल क्षमता 1000 व्यक्ती

आसन क्षमता 650 व्यक्ती

पेमेंट मॉडेल फक्त भाड्याने (केटरिंग नाही)

भाडे किंमत ₹ 40,000

एयर कंडीशनर होय

It also includes a dining area for 250 guests in maximum capacity and seating for 150 guests. The rental price mentioned is for 12 hours. अधिक वाचा